A return to Vietnam Kitchen (news flash: it’s still awesome)

From Insider Louisville, 11/8/2017:


The last time I went to Vietnam Kitchen, I didn’t have a GPS app on my phone — in other words, it’s been too long. But once I parked and had lunch last week, I was relieved to find out that, after all this time, the food there is still amazing.

For a time back in the early 2000s, I had standing plans with a couple of friends to meet there on a regular basis. When that fizzled out, I began letting my schedule dictate my dining-out habits, and the Kitchen fell off the list. Then, recently, my girlfriend, Cynthia, informed me she’d never eaten there, which gave me all the impetus I needed to make a return visit.

We’re both glad that happened, even if our GPS apps took us to the rear of the Iroquois Manor shopping center, where the non-descript restaurant sits next to a busy laundromat.

Interestingly, in the many times I’ve visited Vietnam Kitchen, I’d never ordered the legendary Hủ tiếu Saté, which is probably better known as the K8.

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