Against the Grain Brewery launches line of European beers

From Insider Louisville, 7/31/2017


By Kevin Gibson

Fresh beer is better. Exporting beer to Europe from Kentucky takes weeks to accomplish, and quality control concerns led Against the Grain Brewery to introduce a European line of beers that will be brewed in Hagen, Germany.

Brewmaster and co-owner Jerry Gnagy told Insider they would can the beers on Wednesday, ship on Thursday, and it would be about five weeks for the beer to make its way to European shelves.

But when the owners traveled to Europe to drink the beer, they found the quality just wasn’t there. The beer did not stay fresh enough to maintain the quality the brewery wanted.

“It was just not good enough,” Gnagy says. “A Beer is the light style they would want, but it would never survive the ocean voyage. In this day and  age, you can’t do that anymore. Five or six years ago, American brewers could send garbage, and people wouldn’t know any different.”

And so, versions of beers known in America as A Beer and Pile of Face will be brewed at Vormann Braueri, located in Hagen, just outside of Düsseldorf. A Beer has been reimagined as Plus One, while a Pile of Face “clone” will be called Neoanderthal. Plus One is an American pale ale, while Neoanderthal is an American IPA.

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