An enduring flavor of Chicago and hard work

From LEO Weekly, 10/11/2017


By Kevin Gibson

Every so often, I settle in at the counter at Lonnie’s Best Taste of Chicago, usually for a Rush Street chili cheese dog. One thing I always get, though, is friendly service from owners Lonnie and Diane Edwards, the couple who own and operate the small business in St. Matthews.

Usually, Diane will greet you and take your order, give you a number ripped from the bottom of her order pad, and then you wait a few short moments while Lonnie gets your meal together, whether it’s a signature Chicago-style dog, a burger or a Greek Island gyro.

I walked into Lonnie’s recently looking for some back story on the place and to take a few photos for a book project about Louisville eateries, due out in the spring. Diane was busy, so as I got maybe three steps inside the door, Lonnie turned away from his grill and said, “Do you know what you’ll be having today, buddy?”

I paused, having just taken a peek at the menu board behind the counter, and he smiled and said, “Take your time.”

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