Bluegrass VegFest 2017 expands, moves to Tim Faulkner Gallery

From Insider Louisville, 8/21/2017

By Kevin Gibson

VegFest 2nd Annual Bluegrass Veg Fest PosterKristina Addington recalls the last time she ate meat, nearly a dozen years ago. It was a meal from KFC.

And then she happened upon some information about commercial food production, and her life changed.

“It was just shocking the first time I learned where food comes from and what the animals go through,” she says.

She’s been a vegan ever since, not falling off the wagon once since her “last supper.” Addington doesn’t take animal welfare lightly, and she also believes a plant-based diet is essential to general wellness.

This is why she and partner Jeff Hennis created Bluegrass VegFest, which in its first year in 2016 drew such a turnout that this year’s follow-up, which takes place Saturday, was moved to a bigger venue.

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