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Gravely Brewing to open with history on tap

From LEO Weekly, 8/9/2017


By Kevin Gibson

When Gravely Brewing Co. opens Aug. 18, it will hark back to a significant piece of Louisville beer history — a time when bicycle racing was a spectator sport and campaigning politicians were known to stop in for rallies.

The brewery at 514 Baxter Ave. formerly the Pride Tile Co., is on part of what once was home to Phoenix Brewing Co., a nationally-known brewery and beer garden that operated roughly from 1884 until 1916. It had a lush garden, an indoor velodrome, an outdoor bar that was longer than 100 feet and more. Events from a Teddy Roosevelt rally to traveling shows and pig races took place there over the years.

Two of the original lagering caverns, where beer fermented prior to refrigeration, are on the Gravely property and can be clearly seen — although they won’t be used for making beer these days. And the Phoenix horse stable still stands next door.

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Habanero sausage meets tacos

habanero sausage taco.jpg

From LEO Weekly, 8/2/2017

By Kevin Gibson

It has become clear to me in recent times that my unintentional life’s pursuit is to eat as many tacos as I possibly can before I die. Part of that quest is to find out just how many different ingredients can be successfully placed into a shell or tortilla and then enjoyed.

Hey, a guy has to have goals, right?

River Road BBQ recently offered an assist by way of the habanero sausage taco for $4.25. Yeah, the first time I read that phrase, I did double take. A sausage? In a taco? How can this be? My first thought was that the sausage would be ground up to resemble more standard taco meat — that made sense to me.

But when I stopped in at River Road BBQ, which is located near Water Tower Park at 3017 River Road, I was surprised to find that the sausage remains intact. So, it’s like a hot dog and taco hybrid, if you will.

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The art of beer labels — the new album covers

LEO Weekly cover story from 7/26/2017.

GreatFlood_0306172302a-1024x576By Kevin Gibson

Megabrewers, such as Budweiser and Miller, spend millions marketing their latest retro can, funky bottle or limited-time labeling, including Budweiser’s “America” labels this summer. But what’s inside never changes, essentially making it all just a lot of marketing mumbo jumbo.

“Beer labels are the new album covers,” said Paul Young, a brewer at Monnik Beer Co. in Louisville and former owner of a homebrew supply store.

Through the years, beer labels have evolved, at times offering vibrant colors and imaginative designs, and, at times, giving us little more than a logo and perhaps a slogan. …

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