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Falls City Brewing unveils switch to cans, redesign and new slogan

From Insider Louisville, 9/20/17


By Kevin Gibson

Since it began distributing packaged beer in 2010, Falls City Brewing Co. has been available via retail exclusively in bottles. But with a new brewery and taproom under construction, the brewery, which traces its roots back to 1905, decided it was time for a change.

Starting the first week of October, Falls City beers will be sold retail in 12-ounce aluminum cans, the brewery announced today. A can release party will happen Thursday, Oct. 5, at Molly Malone’s in the Highlands.

Falls City general manager Drew Johnson said the decision to make the change was an easy one.

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Chicken at a roast beef joint?

From LEO Weekly, 9/13/2017

By Kevin Gibson

I’m one of those weird people who, if forced to eat at Arby’s for some reason (it’s rare), orders a chicken sandwich. Or chicken tenders. I’m just not a fan of the Arby’s mystery meat.

Of course, this reminds me of when Arby’s first came to this market when I was a kid; my parents liked it, but we were poor enough that I had never even seen a roast beef sandwich, let alone eaten one. No thanks, I told them, I’ll just have a burger. One problem: Arby’s didn’t serve burgers. Needless to say, we didn’t go to Arby’s much when I was a kid.

But after a while, Arby’s diversified (even serving burgers, however briefly) and it seems that, over the last few decades, other fast-food chains have done the same. Wendy’s used to rely on mediocre chili, ice cream-ish drinks called Frosties and big, square burgers, and now you can get grilled chicken wraps. McDonald’s was all about greasy burgers and greasy fries, yet now you can get a southwest grilled chicken salad. Or apple slices.

You get the idea and, yes, I am getting to the point.

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El Taco Luchador finds an eager audience in St. Matthews

From Insider Louisville, 9/12/2017

El Taco Luchador St Matt

By Kevin Gibson

The long-anticipated St. Matthews location of El Taco Luchador is open, and the eager crowds have already made it a go-to spot in an already crowded neighborhood, with go-to spots such as Spinelli’s, Mellow Mushroom, Highland Morning and many others within easy walking distance.

I stopped by for lunch on a recent Saturday and found the place buzzing with activity — the patio dining area was full, the two window areas with bar seating were full, and people stood by awaiting their orders.

One family spread a blanket out on the front yard of the small building, which previously was home to Meridian Café, and ate their Mexican fare there as customers walked past, coming and going.

To sum it up, the new location of El Taco Luchador is much like the original in the Highlands, with a familiar menu and the same bright and colorful décor.

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I ate a ghost pepper

From LEO Weekly, 8/30/17

By Kevin Gibson

I remember the first time I tried a truly-hot pepper sauce. It was sometime during the late 1990s, at a local store I’ve long since forgotten the name of, a place where I’d previously purchased sauces that remain staples for me today, such as Blair’s Death Sauce and Pain is Good Batch 37 Garlic Sauce. The clerk said they’d just gotten in a new sauce from Blair’s, called After Death.

“It’s just a liiiiitle bit hotter than the Death Sauce,” he said, and then the lying bastard offered me a sample. I eagerly shook a couple of dabs onto a cracker, popped it into my mouth, and quickly descended into a frenzy of hiccups, tears and general misery. It was a miserable experience.

Naturally, I bought a bottle of the stuff.

Years later, I am still fascinated and oddly addicted to hot sauces, but I’ve learned my limits. I can eat a habanero pepper in the process of making my homemade sauces, and I can eat measured amounts of some extremely hot sauces, but I don’t mess with the ever-increasing levels of Scoville units, which is what measures capsaicin in peppers, determining their heat.

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O’Shea’s H.M. Franks offers fine pub food, cozy atmosphere in Jeffersonville

From Insider Louisville, 8/29/17.


H.M. Franks opened its doors in Jeffersonville last spring, and to be honest, I never felt much motivation to go. I was always neutral about the food at other O’Shea’s-related restaurants and didn’t figure there would be a big difference.

My friend Sara suggested more than once that I check it out, and she double downed by inviting me to lunch there. I walked away impressed with the cozy vibe and the quality food. I really should listen to my friends more when they make restaurant suggestions.

Chunky bison chili | Photo by Kevin Gibson

The restaurant’s full name is H.M. Franks, an O’Shea’s Public House, but it takes a bit of a different approach than the Highlands and downtown locations, with a smaller space and more of a laid-back vibe.

Plenty of exposed brick and reclaimed wood set the scene, and the décor is pretty spare, with a single Guinness mirror on a wall by the bar, and a number of photos of downtown Jeffersonville establishments of yesteryear.

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El Tropico Restaurant & Bar is a nice find for Mexican fare and more in Okolona

From Insider Louisville, 8/23/2017

El Tropico Tacos

by Kevin Gibson

A few weeks ago, my girlfriend and I set out to try a Mexican restaurant I had hoped to write about. When we arrived, we found the place empty, permanently closed. Dejected, we started driving and found another Mexican place. Our bellies set on guacamole and tacos, we decided to try it.

It was terrible.

Recently, we set our sights on Barry’s Cheese Steaks and More in Okolona, and when we arrived we were told there would be a 45-minute wait for food. We were meeting friends in just over an hour. So, we again searched blindly, finding a place called El Tropico Restaurant & Bar.

It didn’t look all that promising, but I’m always ready to give a hole-in-the-wall Mexican place a shot, so we held our breaths and went inside.

And it was really good. Talk about a pleasant surprise, or maybe a happy accident. Maybe both.

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Bluegrass VegFest 2017 expands, moves to Tim Faulkner Gallery

From Insider Louisville, 8/21/2017

By Kevin Gibson

VegFest 2nd Annual Bluegrass Veg Fest PosterKristina Addington recalls the last time she ate meat, nearly a dozen years ago. It was a meal from KFC.

And then she happened upon some information about commercial food production, and her life changed.

“It was just shocking the first time I learned where food comes from and what the animals go through,” she says.

She’s been a vegan ever since, not falling off the wagon once since her “last supper.” Addington doesn’t take animal welfare lightly, and she also believes a plant-based diet is essential to general wellness.

This is why she and partner Jeff Hennis created Bluegrass VegFest, which in its first year in 2016 drew such a turnout that this year’s follow-up, which takes place Saturday, was moved to a bigger venue.

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Hamachi kama: Fish neck like grandma made

From LEO Weekly, 8/16/2017


By Kevin Gibson

While enjoying some sushi recently at BARcode 1758 in Clifton, I was perusing the menu just for fun and ran across something called hamachi kama. I’ve eaten at a lot of sushi joints in my day, and I couldn’t recall having heard of it.

So I grabbed my phone, Googled it and found a Huffington Post story describing it as a delicacy that usually is saved by the chef, or offered only to special guests. Why? Apparently, it’s the best part of the yellowtail tuna.

I knew I had to try it, so I returned sometime later and ordered this hamachi kama, which in English translates roughly to “yellowtail collar.” You know, fish neck, because the collar refers to the portion of the fish directly behind the head and gills.

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A first look inside Gravely Brewing Co., which opens Aug. 18

From Insider Louisville, 8/16/2017

Gravely bar

By Kevin Gibson

When Gravely Brewing Co. opens its doors near Phoenix Hill on Friday, Aug. 18, there will be a lot of wide eyes.

For one, the brewery’s opening has been highly anticipated since it was announced it was coming in 2017, and for another, the design of the place made outstanding use of space, with a music hall that is designed to hold more than 300 people, a 15-barrel brewhouse, a large taproom with a bar that spans almost the full side of the building, and a two-level deck overlooking a pair of caverns that date to the 1800s.

The taproom, brewery and an adjacent sitting area are accented with bright orange, while the music hall is equipped with a large, 3-foot-high stage and has splashes of burgundy red.

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John Nation photography exhibit at the library pays tribute to Beargrass Creek

From Insider Louisville, 8/13/2017.

By Kevin Gibson

If a picture truly is worth a thousand words, then the photography currently being exhibited at the Louisville Free Public Library Main Branch may be worth a million to Beargrass Creek.

The embattled creek has been the subject of neglect and also the object of care, as waterway preservationists work to raise awareness about its value to Louisville following years of its misuse. A documentary by Morgan Atkinson now has a companion in this photography exhibit by John Nation, an exhibit that will be on display through August and will come to full attention with a reception on Thursday, Aug. 24.

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