Christi’s Cafe brings food, fun and philanthropy to Valley Station

From Insider Louisville, 10/17/2017:

Christys Cafe smile burger

By Kevin Gibson

As soon as you walk into Christi’s Cafe, located in Valley Station, you know the fun is about to begin.

Pink is everywhere, a mural of the logo reaches out to your gaze from the back wall, homemade cakes beckon from the lunch counter, and photos of celebrities line the walls along the ceiling. There are photos of Marilyn Monroe — lots of photos of Marilyn Monroe.

My girlfriend, Cynthia, and I went for lunch recently and found the place buzzing — just one table was empty, a server told us to sit wherever we would like, so we grabbed it.

We quickly noticed the servers, all of whom were female, wore matching pink T-shirts bearing the phrase “Cancer Sucks.” Yes, yes it does.

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