Craft beer terms you need to know… or not

From LEO Weekly, 9/20/2017


By Kevin Gibson

It wasn’t that long ago that IBUs were all that mattered. International Bitterness Units were all the rage as IPAs ascended to the top of the craft beer mountain, and the higher IBU count, the better — if you wanted to prove yourself as the top “hophead” in your beer peer group. Bitterness was king, and the counterbalance was a big, thick, malty backbone that sometimes made it feel like you were drinking a burlap sack.

IBUs are scarcely an afterthought these days, as new catchphrases emerge to fill the mouths of craft beer aficionados everywhere, including here in Louisville. One of those phrases, one I hear more and more often every day, in fact, is the word “juicy.”

Juicy is now often used in reference to a beer, usually a Northeast-style IPA, that is particularly fruity or tropical in flavor, and actually drinks sort of like a juice as much as it does a beer. Mile Wide’s series of Northeast IPAs falls directly into the “juicy” category.

As in, “Try this mango-infused Northeast IPA, dude. It’s juicy!”

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