Hamachi kama: Fish neck like grandma made

From LEO Weekly, 8/16/2017


By Kevin Gibson

While enjoying some sushi recently at BARcode 1758 in Clifton, I was perusing the menu just for fun and ran across something called hamachi kama. I’ve eaten at a lot of sushi joints in my day, and I couldn’t recall having heard of it.

So I grabbed my phone, Googled it and found a Huffington Post story describing it as a delicacy that usually is saved by the chef, or offered only to special guests. Why? Apparently, it’s the best part of the yellowtail tuna.

I knew I had to try it, so I returned sometime later and ordered this hamachi kama, which in English translates roughly to “yellowtail collar.” You know, fish neck, because the collar refers to the portion of the fish directly behind the head and gills.

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