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New concept LOX takes over lunchtime space at RYE

From Insider Louisville, 9/29/2017


By Kevin Gibson

NuLu has another dining option for lunch.

LOX, which opened Sept. 14 as a concept-within-a-concept at RYE, focuses on cured salmon and bagels, among other sandwich and salad options.

Lox, the Jewish term for brined salmon, is a staple in East Coast Jewish delicatessens — Russ & Daughters was cited as an example of LOX’s inspiration — and is often served as a sandwich on a bagel. Brined salmon from Nova Scotia is often called Nova lox, while in some countries it is referred to as Gravlax.

RYE Chef Zach Chancey said with some former New Yorkers in house, a lox and bagels concept seemed appropriate.

“That kind of food is kind of a favorite around here,” he told Insider.

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