Website shotI can’t fix a sink. I can’t build a bookshelf. I certainly can’t fix my own car, unless it’s something simple like a headlight. But for some reason, I can write a compelling story. I can look at almost any situation and find something unique or interesting about it. Writing is about seeing and feeling the human element in everything. To most, that new cafe that just opened up down the street is a new place to grab a sandwich. But to the owner of that cafe, it’s the culmination of a dream and a lot of hard work. It’s emotional. It’s dramatic. That’s the story.

I’m not sure why nature chose this for me, because my first career choice was NFL player. My second was movie stuntman. I’m clumsy and have a bum knee, though, so those were never really in the cards. And so, I write.



Writer / Author from Louisville KY